How to save thousands of dollars, gain more carer support and take control of your NDIS funding


Don’t lose the bulk of your NDIS funding to agency fees. Discover how Real Support Choices can deliver more to spend on care.

If you have decided to self-manage your NDIS funding and care for yourself or a family member, Real Support Choices can save you time and money. This helpful app was created after its founders noticed how difficult it can be to self-manage NDIS funding and that a significant portion of funding is often taken up by agency fees.

Real Support Choices is a straightforward app/online tool, which is designed to be as easy to use as possible. It can be accessed by NDIS self-management participants and their carers.

This helpful and intuitive platform makes it easy to do the following:  

Book carers

Use the Real Support Choices app to set a roster for carers. You choose your carers and can employ them on an ongoing basis, instead of having to go through an agency and potentially having a different carer every few weeks.

Create rosters

Working on a Monday-Sunday schedule, you can create a roster for all your carers using Real Support Choices. Once your roster is set for the “next” week, the app also allows you to notify your carers. A simple click and each carer will receive SMS and email notification that their roster for next week is available at their log in.

Having a set roster eliminates confusion and creates consistency for all involved with your ongoing care.  

Manage payments and meet ATO requirements

As a self-managing NDIS participant, you receive funding from the government but you are effectively an employer. As such, you are responsible for ensuring your carers are paid, that tax is collected from their wages on their behalf and that they receive the appropriate superannuation payments.

You also have to set up an ABN and what’s known as a Superannuation Clearing House.

Fortunately, with the help of Real Support Choices, all of the above are taken care of for you.

Once a week, details of wages, tax payments and super to be paid are sent to you. So, all you have to do is a simple upload to your bank account and approve the payments.

Track your budget and keep payment records

Every participant has finite NDIS funding for the year. It is important not to overspend or you will end up with periods of time where you cannot afford to pay carers.

Your NDIS Participant portal will give you actual, budget and available funds for each category of your NDIS.

The Real Support Choices app automatically accumulates all approved care shifts and provides a reporting system for any date range, showing costs incurred for the period. Once your plan amount is added, the app deducts each approved shift cost as you go. This way, you know exactly how you are tracking at any time. This a great for an “At a Glance” view of your funding use.

Why use Real Support Choices?

Designed with the help of NDIS self-managed participants, the Real Support Choices app is straightforward and easy to use.

However, the real benefit lies in having better control of your NDIS funding. For example, instead of going through an agency, you can directly engage the care workers who support you on a regular basis. This means you can work with the people you like. In addition, you can pay them directly, meaning more of your budget goes directly into their pockets.

What’s more, eliminating the need for an agency means you can save thousands of dollars. Often, the bulk of the cost of hiring carers is taken up by the third party agency involved. By cutting out the middle-man, you’ll have more money to spend on care. This means you get to enjoy better, more plentiful support and a better quality of life.


Real Support Choices: Self-managed NDIS made easy

If you have decided to self-manage your NDIS care, Real Support Choices can save you time and money. This helpful app makes it easy to:

  • Book carers
  • Create rosters
  • Manage payments
  • Track your budget
  • Update timesheets
  • Report on your expenditure
  • Store all financial records
  • Manage the secure transfer of funds to your carers
  • Manage all employee obligations

Click. Click. Done.

Real Support Choices will save you THOUSANDS.

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Real Support Choices offers a free trial, followed by a small monthly subscription fee. NDIS participants who are already using it say they love being able to create their own teams and pay good rates. The tool has simplified their lives and made self-managing more enjoyable.

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