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The platform of choice for "Provider" or "Self-Managed" NDIS &
Home Care Packaged participants that saves time and money.

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The platform of choice
for "Provider" or "Self-Managed"
NDIS & Home Care
Packaged participants
that saves time and money.

Provider Managed Support Services


· Transparent in our approach
· Understanding of your needs
· Achieving your goals

Do you feel you are making the most of your NDIS Plan? Do you feel like your current provider truly understands what you are trying to achieve?

Real Support Choices is exactly that – an opportunity for you to make the essential decisions on supports you receive, and play an active role in utilising your NDIS plan.

As a registered provider, we are transparent in our approach and empower individuals to access more through innovative automation and collaboration for end-to-end needs.

In addition to providing the support services and access to a wide range of social and community activities, Real Support Choices allows you and anyone that has a role in your care visibility of simple reports for rostering, timesheets and funding budgets via our software application.

We would welcome the opportunity to connect with you to discuss how we can help.

Self-Managing your Carers & Support Staff the Simple Way

As a self-managing participant, employing your own carers & support staff gives you direct control over who you work with, how and when.

The problem is, there are so many things to consider! Keeping track of rosters and timesheets, paying carer wages, ensuring tax and super commitments are completed and paid and keeping track of your remaining Aged Care & NDIS plan funding is both time consuming and challenging.

Introducing an innovative mobile platform that simplifies care processes for self-managing NDIS participants that ultimately saves thousands of dollars.

From booking carers and support staff to rostering and payment, budget tracking, timesheet and reporting, managing secure transfer of funds from participants to carers, and automating employee obligations.

The exclusive Real Support Choices platform has been developed in partnership with Telstra’s innovative Readify App technology development company and the secure Xero Accounting Software, and is now available to the disability sector Australia wide.

An APP solution that saves you time and money and also supports you in your choice to employing your own carers & support staff giving you direct control over who you work with, how and when.

Take the stress out of self-managing your care by registering today.

Manage Your Carer Schedule From One Easy Place

Bring all your carer information, rosters and payments together on a single dashboard.

Simply enter your carer details, invite them to join, set up your shifts and click to organise payments.

Self-Management Made Easy

Fast and effective, Real Support Choices will save you hours every week.
Take a look at the video below:

Track Your Remaining Funding In Real Time

Real Support Choices does all the calculations for you, making it easy for self-managing Aged Care & NDIS participants to meet their obligations as an employer.

Why Use Real Support Choices

Create Weekly Roster Dashboards

Manage, view and update your carer schedules with only a few clicks.

Notify Your Carers

Quickly and easily send shift notifications and updates to all the carers you work with.

Easily Update Your Roster

Make changes to your weekly carer schedule with no fuss.

Carer Timesheets

Carers can enter daily timesheets with a single click.

Simple Carer Payment Process

With Real Support Choices, organising carer payments is easy.

Manage Your Plan Budget

Easily view how much money you have left in your annual budget and automate your tax office commitments.

Reduce The Stress Of Self-Management

Using spreadsheets is time consuming and frustrating! Take care of everything from a simple online dashboard.

Better For Carers

Your carer will receive instant shift notifications and will be paid on time.

Free Up Your Time

Stop wasting hours self-managing your Aged Care & NDIS rosters and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

What Our Users Are Saying

"To find something like this service is quite amazing and it has completely changed my life. Everything is done with one click. If I need extra care or different hours, it is all done. I can choose my own carers and it’s just so easy to do."



"Supporting and caring for your own child with a disability is hard enough (in our case a 12 year old with Cerebral Palsy GMFCS V and non verbal who requires 24/7 care). After years of being agency managed and paying the 50% premium in overhead management costs we switched to self management with Real Support Choices on our most recent NDIS plan renewal.

What an amazing experience, Yes it is self management but with a small monthly fee you have some serious resources and talent available to assist you along the path of hiring your own staff, helping with the PAYG and BAS statements and a fantastic rostering solution that is easily accessible to your staff and makes the timesheet entry process so efficient it's really difficult to fathom how the agency model can still exist.

For the little bit of time it takes each week to do rosters and transfer pays, you are getting much better mileage from your NDIS funding and somewhere to keep track of your invoices. The Real Support Choices platform is well worth trialling and ticks an awful lot of boxes if you find yourself looking for a self management solution."



“The previous system was difficult because we had to do timesheets which had to be filled in every week. I recommend Real Support Choices to everyone because it is very simple and can be used with one click.”



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