How to employ and manage carers and support staff as a self-funded NDIS participant


Employ carers and self-manage your NDIS fund with ease using Real Support Choices. Find out more.

When you choose to Self-Manage your NDIS fund, there are a number of steps you need to be aware of. For example, when you employ carers to provide you with support, you need to be on top of their payment and insurances, while also keeping track of your expenses to make sure you don’t go over budget.

Take a look at the steps for employing and managing carers through the NDIS. At the end of this article, we’ll explain how Real Support Choices makes these steps so much easier.

Step One: Prepare to be an employer

When you self-manage carers using the NDIS, you are essentially an employer. This means you need to register an ABN and PAYG withholding with the ATO.

When you employ carers, it is vital you obtain a TFN Declaration form and a Super choice form for each individual employed. To keep track of your employees, you will need to enter them all into some form of accounting software, making sure to fill in all their relevant details.

It is important to obtain any necessary insurances such as WorkCover and public liability insurance. Contact the insurer of your choice and they will walk you through what you need.

Finally, make sure that you register as an employer with a complying Super Fund.

Step Two: Find and employ carers

There are a range of listing sites which you can use to find workers who supply in-home care, transport, therapy support and more.

Meet with a few applicants before you employ carers. Make sure you both feel comfortable around each other before you take the steps to engage their services. Have a list of questions ready to refer to so you don’t forget to find out about any important details.

Step Three: Managing Carers

Now you are an official employer, you need to manage your new employees. You will want to prepare a roster for your carers and on the completion of each shift ensure that their timesheets are entered into your accounting payroll software.

At the end of the week, you will need to prepare the payroll and make sure all your employees get paid. And, of course, you must make sure that you keep track of your ongoing costs for when the NDIS needs to audit.

When managing your carers, you also need to keep your budget in mind so you don’t overspend and find your funds have run out.

Again, all this can seem overwhelming! However, with a platform like Real Support Choices, it’s all made easy.

Real Support Choices can help

Choosing to use Real Support Choices makes it easy to employ carers and manage your NDIS funding.

Here are just some of the ways RSC will streamline your self-management and experience as an employer:

  • RSC Admin will finalise your application and apply for an ABN and PAYG withholding for you. Once the details are through, they will supply you with the information you require.
  • RSC will provide you with insurance contacts for Workcover and Public Liability, and give you a “Carer Employment Pack” to send to your carers.
  • You don’t need to worry about familiarising yourself with accounting software. When you get started, RSC Admin will set these elements up and enter all your carers as employees in payroll for you.
  • Invite your carers to use RSC and once they have completed their registration you can start assigning their shifts.
  • RSC Admin will get you started in becoming an employer with a Super Clearing House and will even complete your registration for you on your behalf.
  • RSC will provide weekly wages payment details for all of your carers.
  • Quarterly, RSC will lodge your PAYG Withholding obligations with the ATO. They will also send the details of the amounts required to be paid to ATO and Super Clearing on behalf of carers.
  • RSC will also provide annual Payment summaries for all you carers and complete necessary reporting to ATO.

In short, Real Support Choices does all the hard work for you. With RSC, you can effectively self-manage your NDIS funding while all the back office work is taken care of. For a low monthly cost, RSC provides you with the best of both worlds, with the total flexibility of Self-Management at a very low cost.


Real Support Choices: Self-managed NDIS made easy

If you have decided to self-manage your NDIS care, Real Support Choices can save you time and money. This helpful app makes it easy to:

  • Book carers
  • Create rosters
  • Manage payments
  • Track your budget
  • Update timesheets
  • Report on your expenditure
  • Store all financial records
  • Manage the secure transfer of funds to your carers
  • Manage all employee obligations

Click. Click. Done.

Real Support Choices will save you THOUSANDS.

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