Here’s how Real Support Choices benefits care workers


Disability care worker jobs can be challenging when it comes to juggling shifts and getting paid on time. Real Support Choices is changing this.


As a self-managing NDIS participant, one of the main benefits is the flexibility to employ your own carers and support staff. Your plan allows you to create care worker jobs and gives you direct control over who you work with, how and when.

Australia has thousands of dedicated, qualified and experienced care workers. They are committed to supporting you and it makes sense to provide them with a positive workplace experience.

Along with helping self-managing NDIS participants to increase their budget and have their choice of carers, the Real Support Choices app has revolutionised the logistics involved with being a care worker.

Real Support Choices makes care worker job rostering easy

Those with disability care worker jobs work either independently or for an agency. Being with an agency can be convenient but these carers are likely to go home with less money in their own pocket due to administrative fees.

For independent care workers, time management can be a struggle. They may have six hours per week with one of their employers, ten with another and twenty with the next. As a result, it can be difficult to remember when they have to be on duty, and for whom.

To help solve this problem, the Real Support Choices app has an in-built roster feature. This allows a schedule to be planned in advance. Self-managed NDIS participants simply enter a carer’s shift into their roster, and then with 1 click “Release roster” , both parties will be able to see when they’re expected to work.

Carers receive shift notifications via SMS and email using the Real Support Choices app. Should anyone have to make a schedule change, updates are sent automatically.

Pay your carers on time with Real Support Choices

One of the other challenges of disability care worker jobs is being paid.

Once a carer has completed a shift, they need to manually send timesheets and invoices. It can be very difficult to keep track of hours. From there, their employer (the self-managing NDIS participant) must ensure payment is made on time, and that taxes and superannuation are paid correctly.

Again, Real Support Choices makes this simple. Using the app, carers time sheets are automatically available and with 1 click can quickly and easily be submitted. Organising payments is a matter of ‘Click. Click. Done’. The money will be directly deposited, on time weekly. Taxes and super payments are also taken care of.

Why carers love Real Support Choices

Ask any care worker how they are and the general response is “Busy!”. Staying on top of shifts and travelling from place to place keeps them on their toes.

With the help of Real Support Choices, the administration side of care worker jobs is simplified and streamlined. As shared by support worker Mariana, “With one click, I know exactly what shifts are rostered for me and (using the system means) I get paid on time. It’s very simple and there isn’t much you need to learn”.

Eliminating the stress of paperwork frees care workers to focus on what they do best: providing friendly and caring support for self-managing NDIS participants. In addition, they are able to represent themselves to employers. By cutting out the middle-man, carers can enjoy more satisfaction and more hours for the excellent services they provide.


Real Support Choices: Self-managed NDIS made easy

If you have decided to self-manage your NDIS care, Real Support Choices can save you time and money. This helpful app makes it easy to:

  • Book carers
  • Create rosters
  • Manage payments
  • Track your budget
  • Update timesheets
  • Report on your expenditure
  • Store all financial records
  • Manage the secure transfer of funds to your carers
  • Manage all employee obligations

Click. Click. Done.

Real Support Choices will save you THOUSANDS.

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