How to hire and manage NDIS carers


Once you have started hiring and managing NDIS carers, you’ll enjoy a range of financial and lifestyle benefits. Here’s how to get started.


One of the most daunting prospects of self-managing your NDIS care or overseeing it on behalf of a child or family member is the idea that you will become an employer.

When you self-manage as an NDIS participant, finding care support workers is up to you. In addition, you will need to manage their schedules, set their duties, and organise their payments and tax requirements. This means you’re effectively the boss!

However, with a strategic approach and the help of technology, this does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. It can, in fact, be liberating.

Take a look at the following tips for easier hiring and management of NDIS carers.

Hire your NDIS carers

To get the help you need, there are a range of options. First, you can contact an agency which provides carers. This can be a good option as you know you will have access to qualified, pre-vetted carers.

The issue with using an agency is the middle-man fees. There is a cost for administration so some of your budget will have to go towards this. As a result, you can afford fewer hours of care.

Instead, you can look at hiring privately. There are plenty of job sites where you can advertise, or you can look at carer-specific websites. Without the need to pay a middle-man, you will have more budget to allocate to this person.

Network with your friends and family, and, importantly, your existing carers to see if they know anyone with the required skills.

If you have advertised and had applicants for your NDIS carer position, it’s best to meet face to face. Organise to meet somewhere public if you’re not comfortable getting together at home.

Prepare a list of questions and put together some notes about your expectations. It can take a little time up-front, but a written job description can be helpful.

As with any job, a contract specifying terms of employment will be helpful. This document can set guidelines around hours, breaks and expectations. You can even be specific about attire, although be aware of what constitutes discrimination and stick with words like ‘neat’, ‘presentable’ and ‘smart casual’.

Include clauses about notice of termination and probation to make it easier to let a carer go if they’re not a good fit for you.

Managing your NDIS carer

Any employer will tell you systems and processes are the best way to work with employees. By documenting how and when things should be done, it is easier to maintain consistency and reduce confusion.

Create a document of your carer’s task list. You could itemise how long to spend on each task and include instructions on how to complete them. While this may seem tedious, once you have created an instruction document you can use it for a long time.

Then there’s the management of time and shifts. It is more fair to your carer to create a roster so they know when they are expected to work. If possible, create your roster a few weeks in advance and include some degree of flexibility if they need time off.

To make rostering and shift notification easier for you and your carer, take advantage of an app like Real Support Choices. This makes it simple to set up a roster with a few mouse clicks.

Paying your NDIS carer

As an employer, you’re also responsible for ensuring your carer is paid and that they contribute PAYG income tax.

Unless you’re an accountant by trade, this can also feel confusing and overwhelming. However, with the help of Real Support Choices, you can have these requirements taken care of at the touch of a button.

Using this app, your carer will log on and submit a timesheet. Once approved by you, their payment, tax and superannuation will all be allocated and payments arrangements advised.

When you get into the ‘flow’ with your NDIS carer or carers, you’ll be able to enjoy more flexibility to hire carers who you gel with and create rosters which work for you both. In addition, you will benefit from having extra budget to pay well and recruit even more NDIS carers to provide you with support.


Real Support Choices: Self-managed NDIS made easy

If you have decided to self-manage your NDIS care, Real Support Choices can save you time and money. This helpful app makes it easy to:

  • Book carers
  • Create rosters
  • Manage payments
  • Track your budget
  • Update timesheets
  • Report on your expenditure
  • Store all financial records
  • Manage the secure transfer of funds to your carers
  • Manage all employee obligations

Click. Click. Done.

Real Support Choices will save you THOUSANDS.

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