How It Works

Self-Manage Your Care and
Stay In Control

Real Support Choices was designed with ease of use as the number one priority.  


STEP 1. Sign up for your free trial

Get started with Real Support Choices with a month-long free trial.

STEP 2. Invite your carers

To participate, your carers will need to register with Real Support Choices. They can do so with one click.

STEP 3. Create your first roster

Real Support Choices is easy to use. Simply follow our video tutorials to get started, if you need help send us a live message and we will walk you through the process.

You can create a roster and schedule anywhere from one to 168 hours of carer support per week.

STEP 4. Notify your carers

Once you have created your roster, you can instantly notify your carers of their upcoming shifts. You can also schedule weekly reminders to let them know when they will be working with you.

STEP 5. Update or replicate your roster

If you have a similar schedule every week, you can copy your original roster with a few simple clicks.

Then you can easily make updates and changes before sending instant notifications to your carers.

STEP 6. Make payments

Each week, ensure payments are made with only a few clicks. All Superannuation and PAYG payments will be taken care of internally within the Real Support Choices system.